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Jel D. Lewis Jones

Jel D. Lewis Jones
The Man! The Legend! The Interviews: An Anthology

2005 г.
321 стр.
Язык: Английский
От издателя  
Book Description Brings you right into Michael's heart and into his home, where you'll visit Neverland and learn about the secrets of his childhood. This INTERNATIONALLY BEST SELLING BOOK chronicles Michael Jackson's interviews with major talk show hosts and leading magazines, such as: Oprah Winfrey, Dianne Sawyer and Barbara Walters, USA Today, Vibe Magazine; and lists his songs, lyrics and films. Michael Jackson: King of Pop also features a 16-page color insert.
This tell-all book includes chapters, such as: "Michael and His First Wife Lisa Marie", "Michael and His Second Wife Deborah Rowe", Michael in the Face of Negative Press", "Song Lyrics, Awards, Achievements and Films".
As a huge Michael Jackson fan, author, Jel Lewis (Jones) wanted to do something special and give something back to the King of Pop. Her gift to him is this positive book about his life and his music career. According to Ms. Lewis (Jones), "I have admired and adored Michael Jackson from the first time I heard his name and listened to his music. I have never been more fascinated by an entertainer before or since. I have always wanted to meet him and get the opportunity to shake his hand for bringing so much love into the hearts of so many."
 Автор книги - большой поклонник творчества Майкла Джексона, хотел сделать нечто особенное для Короля поп-музыки. Это положительная книга о жизни и музыкальной карьере Майкла с 16-ю страницами цветных фотографий...

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